Wrounde is a song featured on The Prayer Chain's album Shawl. A live version appeared on Antarctica and a demo of the song appeared on the bootleg recording The Basement Tapes.

All three versions of the song are notably differently, particular the drum arrangement up until the end of the first chorus. The studio version that appears on Shawl makes use of programming. The band has said that their original intention with Crawl from the same album was that it be electronically driven. It's unknown but possible that the band applied this intent to Wrounde when they were unable to for Crawl.

At the time of its release on Shawl, the band say "Wrounde is an old song that was meant as one of the songs of transition from Neverland/Whirlpool to Shawl. We remade it, and now it is a personal favorite of a few of the band members... Wrounde wasn't even going to be on the album until we decided to rework it."